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Why NASA is sending rockets into Earth’s leaky atmosphere?

NASA Scientist are seeking a strange breed of northern lights in the Arctic..



Before sharing details on this, let us tell the readers who do not know, What is NASA?
NASA full form is The National Aeronautics and Space Administration and is an independent organisation of the United States Federal Govt. NASA was established in 29 July 1958.

NASA was established with four major objectives:

  1. Expend human experience by new scientific innovations and discoveries.
  2. To profound presence into Space and to the Moon for maintainable and enduring exploration and deployment.
  3. Ensure national security and catalyse economic growth.
  4. Enhance capabilities and processes.

NASA inspires the nations across world by new discoveries, achievements and new technology. If anyone ask, who landed first on the Moon and answer is NASA (Neil Armstrong). Similarly, NASA has achieved thousands of milestones in unique scientific and technology research and innovation e.g. NASA has visited every planet in the solar system, has disentangled mysteries of our earth planet.

Today, NASA leading the nation’s security, wealth, Space and Science explorations.

Now back to our topic, Why rockets into earth’s leaky atmosphere?
As per NASA, Near the North and South Poles, Earth is magnetically coupled to space and from these areas a hundred tons of atmosphere escape into space every day. Last winter, NASA Scientist launched rockets into this slow leak to know how planets evolve.

To understand this mysterious research, watch this video, released by NASA.

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Science & Tech

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