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OnePlus 8 Series Launch on 14th April

What you can expect from OnePlus 8 Series mobile.. read more



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Are you planning to buy a new mobile phone? this news is for you. 
OnePlus leading android phone manufacture has recently announced new mobile phone OnePlus 8 Series. isn’t exciting?.

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Now you are impatient to know that What is OnePlus 8 Specifications and features?

here you go..
> Sneak peek of the all-new OnePlus 8 Series.
> Optimized to deliver a smartphone that is truly fast and smooth
> Full 5G lineup – 5G compatible mobile phone 
> Display Mate A+

check back tomorrow to know more about OnePlus 8 Pro

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Science & Tech

Hubble Takes Portrait of the ‘Lost Galaxy’



Located in the constellation of Virgo (The Virgin), around 50 million light-years from Earth, the galaxy NGC 4535 is truly a stunning sight to behold.

Source : NASA

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