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Dubai ready to launch first Arab-Islamic probe for Mars. Happy Ramazaan!

Mohammed Bin Rasid Space Center in Dubai, Ready to launch first probe to Mars. Watch preparation video.



Dubai Mars Mission

When will Dubai reach to Mars?

Today, Dubai His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, has informed the world. Dubai is ready for Mars Mission Launch. 

He informed that one of the most important final stage is accomplished today. First Arab-Islamic probe for Mars has been moved from Dubai Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Center to Launch station at Tanegashima, Island, Japan. Project is accomplished under Emirati scientists supervision. Movement process took 83 hours of continuous efforts.

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed appreciates efforts of all Emirati engineers and scientists. He mentioned that despite the travel restrictions globally and global health conditions due to COVID19, Emirati engineers are working tirelessly to complete most important scientific project of Arab region history.

Dubai mission Mars was devolved less than global usual time  (six years out of 10). Also, completed at half the cost. Emirates Mission Mars project is schedule to launch in July-2020 as per approved schedule. 

The Probe of Hope of Dubai, it is an milestone that will be turning point for the Arab and Islamic world in the Space field. 

His Highness further mentioned that Dubai Mars project is not only a scientific goal but it is also a goal to tell next generation that Arab is capable and nothing is impossible.

HH Sheikh Mohammed tell the people that Project “Hope” Dubai Mars mission name has power to reduce the distance between the Earth and the Sky.

Recent Pictures of Dubai Mars Mission

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Science & Tech

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