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Top 5 secret of the Israel soldiers.



Israel Powerful Defence Forces.

Whenever discussion happens on defence forces, one name always steal the show i.e. Israel Defence Forces. People are always curious to know, What is the secret of Israel forces? Though, ‘Defence Secret’ word by default indicates the confidentiality of nations sovereignty. If the defence secrets of a country are exposed, it is equal to put the entire country into the coffin. However, Israel has an altogether different ideology when it comes to forces. 

Israel is the only nation wherein every citizen have to serve in forces at least for 3 years. it is mandate for all male and female as well. Yes, that’s the fact of Israel defence forces.

Brief about Israel.

Israel transformation story is almost 72 years old. The country has faced so many wars in the past years. Many attempts to demolish the nation. Israel is a tiny country which is surrounded by enemies, despite that enemies always defeated by the Israeli Arm forces and the country survived against all odds. 

Israelis’ policies, decisions, defence strategies and especially the spirit strengthened and emerged in the last few decades.

However, there is always a secret behind every success story. What are the secret of Israel Armies? if we think, the secret is their Tanks and Technology. if we think, Key of their existence is weapons, if we think, we understand Israel success story… we know nothing!

Recently, Israel defence forces released a video on Israel’s Independence day “Yom Ha’atzmaut” which starts on 28-April evening and ends on 29-April evening. This video reveals the top 5 secret of Israel soldiers.

Top 5 secret of Israel’s Armies.
  1. Israel Soldiers’ Spirit.
  2. Soldiers Passion
  3. Love for Country and People
  4. Religious Diversity is a Strength
  5. Curiosity and Research in DNA

Watch Video to know Top 5 secret of Israel soldiers.

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