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Rainy Day Garlic Butter Spaghetti – Put That Cheese Burger Down



Craving something rich, delicious but fuss-free? I understand how you feel. Some days, my cravings are high but my impulse to go food shopping is reallllllyyyy low. So I try to whip something up with whatever is in my pantry and one thing which is always accessible is spaghetti. I simply love the simple comfort a good spaghetti dish provides. Ever tried hot spaghetti with butter and parmesan? It’s unquestionably deliciously sinful. Also Read: 5 Satvik Food Items That You Must Store In Your Kitchen

But this Asian style spaghetti is also super, in every way. Super quick to make and tastes like magic. Also, I replaced the oyster sauce with a vegetarian oyster sauce and it tastes exactly the same. You can also replace the pasta with a gluten free option like the chickpea variant.

5 Main Ingredients:

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Health & Fitness

5 Sustainable Items for Healthy Eating



Sustainable goods that make eating well a little easier.

1. Better Bags

Better Bags

Vejibags not only reduce the amount of plastic waste headed for landfills: These U.S.-made organic-cotton produce bags let vegetables “breathe” and stay fresh for longer. $20–$25 from

2. Fresh Start

Fresh Start herbs

These self-watering herb kits from Modern Sprout are a foolproof way to bring more fresh herbs into your kitchen. Just add water, set on a sunny windowsill, and enjoy the bounty. $20 each.

3. The Right Tool

Wooden kitchen spoons

Make everyday cooking a true pleasure with these elegant, hand-carved walnut spoons from Hawkins New York. Available in a variety of sizes, from cocktail spoons to spatulas. $18–$36.

4. Just Nuts

Joi nut milk

Joi nut-milk bases allow you to mix up your own creamy almond or cashew milk at home — and only as much as you need.  There are no additives, either; these are purely nuts. $20–$25 per tub; makes 7 quarts.

5. Vim and Vinegar

Vim and Vinegar product

Stone Hollow Farmstead’s infused cider vinegar contains immune-boosting turmeric along with garlic, star anise, and cardamom. Bright-tasting, versatile, and delicious straight from a spoon. $16.

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