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Change happens, when we don’t envisage.

Change leaves trail, what is lockdown impact on the world and climate.



What is change? How it happens and impacts us?

Where the whole world is in grip of destructive epidemic i.e. Coronavirus.
Fear, Negativity and Death these born together with an epidemic and all have become more dominant on humans these days.
At such a time, hardly anyone can think that something exceptionally good change may happens too.
However, change has its own pattern, like we say, life is, what happens to you when you’re are busy making other plans. Sometimes, we even cannot envisage it but Change happens and always leaves with trail of prosperity and disruption. Though, we remember the trail whose magnitude was heavier during change phase.

How epidemic can impact the World?

One such change phase, we are experiencing now due to Coronavirus spread wherein more than 2 million people infected and fighting with disease, 100 thousand people have died and now fight is between 7 billion humans’ v/s Coronavirus. The whole world’s economic and development pace has slowed down due to lockdown and due to all of this, this change has already marked as Havoc in our memories and story to tell to future generations. However, should look other trail that what impact is on climate due to Coronavirus?

Lockdown impact on Climate

There is positive impact on world’s climate due to lockdown. The human footprint on the earth has suddenly lower down. Air traffic slashed, road traffic has reduced almost 90% and the blazing carbon vents have cooled down. With fewer human movement, the mother earth has realistically calmed.

The environmental changes created by the Coronavirus were first evident from space. China air pollution before Corona and after lockdown was clearly visible later at entire world. CO2 emission has reduced upto 40% that world probably will not see again in coming decades.
Animals have taken over the roads and street as human stay indoors. Also, a big reduction in animals’ roadkill toll by cars and trucks but how long this positive change will sustain?

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How Tiger Shroff Saved Himself From A Car Collision In Real Life?



Tiger Shroff in real life –

One fast-approaching car hits the man, body leaps into the air. It seems that man might have badly injured. You’ll be shocked knowing this that Man none other than Tiger Shroff, Yes! the Bollywood action man and Tiger shroff in real life.

When did it happen? how did it happen? is he alright? Hold on! let me tell you before more questions come to your mind that Tiger is absolutely fine and healthy like he is in real life fit and healthy.

De facto, Tiger’s spidey sense kicked in at right time. The car was nearly to kick the Tiger Shroff but a very moment, he leapt backwards in the air and landed at the backside of the car as if he had concentrated gravity.

Watch this short video to know- 

Scratching head!! was it a stunt? we wouldn’t say it is not but no formal dialogue came after it. Though, it seems an Acrobatic Stunt as reflected in the Tiger’s gestures.

By the way, doing such stunts are not new for Tiger Shroff. Though, this one is very precarious and halted heartbeat for a while. He wins hearts though 🙂

Tiger Shroff in real life – Shirtless, Sturdy and Masculine Quarantine walk. 

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Walking outta quarantine like this… i hope 😭🙉

A post shared by Tiger Shroff (@tigerjackieshroff) on

Tiger Shroff’s Instagram or social media posts are always whirring with all things action and fitness. The Heropanti actor posted another crazy series to his timeline. Tiger Shroff shares how he is in quarantine and real life.

In the clip, we see Tiger on a remote highway using a football as a prop for his performance. He turns around and swings his legs in the air, and then kicks the ball and flings it at the skies till it becomes invisible.

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This is what my quarantine looks like…#mevsme #isolation

A post shared by Tiger Shroff (@tigerjackieshroff) on

Tiger Shroff Shares A Glimpse Of His Life In Quarantine

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